Wednesday, 12 September 2007

By Decorations

non will

turning the loop

seeks approval

as the passive object of birth

beyond injury

determined to go on anon

finds nothing of displeasure

nothing of worth

drops the bag

with it's own name in it

it it self slips

on contact



in the first time

when you thinking

how its beauty in this the world

whats ur answer

when im child

not show any beauty in my life this is all

i live in the hot land

lives in the hell

don't let saying ignorance is bliss be true

background music

three doors down

duck and run (more) (less)

just imagine a second

you'll understand

misery is in

what would you do

a girl, who went with her family to make a picnic

after she swam alone, she sees her family, which were, scruples less, killed

a video about a girl,

who went with her family to make a picnic

after she swam alone,

she sees her family,

which were scruples less killed (more) (less)


a popular song

which left the country unwashed, unclean

never married the waves either

rather sucked them down the plughole

forcing up that trust of being gone

a song that put us in training

made us worse than trouble

did us a little way from shame

was caused by nothing

remembering noone

i remember how it goes


Every story has to lie its way into existence

so i don't tell any of them

i talk about i never been

what ive never to do

which i can't hope for

unable to say it
when it talks

though not
there is a shame in the lie it self

that's the dishonest part

when things are telling me to them

i have to say

just like you always have -
to know

if you want, say there is truth

like places are strange as they come

to be understood with binoculars
as no more

or friends

families in eloquent torment of ground

good holes

'sorry' atop massive flagpoles

as it is, it is late

for stopping no telling on me

and as such

into the wind with the watch

cast sure

it won't be found

blowing in all of directions
less arounds

on having to say quickly

what appears


you look at the glass

call it over

and ask it for a tale or another

that you may sleep

but sleep

it will say

is its absence

First Nationals

the unseen threat to our decent way of life

has no quarrel with us

i think he is dead

his traiterous talk

his decency

can be ignored

when I play rock

in the shade

the heavy unpaid collections

some hippy's hat can hold

why would I

climb into the gutter

turn myself in

tour detention centres

in this beautiful world

my role

is to celebrate

for fans

as for the first nationals

their ill health

their love affairs

show me a permit mate

and they're in



in nothing

by nothing

keeping it that way

making it happen

doing that one right

what else is there to do

but get to the ending of it

play with words

play with objects

detecting lineage

unbearable desolation

dead by daily progress

and back again

I endure to please no

change colour
change shape
then you flake
one when you sleep
another when you wake
you endure
now you endure



the healing hump
burdens the colour
folds on the shape
how i endure
i endure -
to please no
pick up the forceps
flux the flailing circus corpse

i have to continue in this

pass me over that yellow slap though first

In the Detritus

under the tactless presence

of incoming other else

I was buried in the city

I was moved in

like that Holocaust people

windowless monad

denying hallucinations on before

and its subsequent other/uncreation




that time
the painted bird
in fragments in the detritus
outside moved on
throwing up and past
is was what it was







No Memories

I plans on no memories

exacting on around

threatening on down

to some quiet cold gap of feeling

My question

will wait for an answer

would more of this be too much of it?

There is more.

Nostalgia for the present

In the shadow of the town hall

Giddy with romance

Yearning in weekly columns

A twin companion


Who is disposed to collecting

Devil paintings

(the muck on a hard days wall)

Wants to say

Short haircuts

And occasional anti-heroes

A world of neighbours and PTAs


Non-deviant everyday

Contaminate the form with secret miseries

Unhappiness which doesnt know its name

Removes the stinging absence of metropolis

And now town, a thickening continuum of standard space

Guards a pride, unthinkable, unknowable

Which never had a prime

Never had a face

Bring it back

Sewer of Commerce

I don't need to share my news
I don't need to define myself
I don't need to locate myself

I don't need to shine light on myself
I don't need to see in myself
I don't see
It's dark

You all undress
We all undress
We are all undressed
You all have holes
You all have lives

My home
My skin for a light
Everything to see myself
I don't see myself
I don't need myself
It's dark
Sewer of Commerce

Sine O


time, time

every story
feed it
send people
their very first

it wants
unless it dies

time, time

make a speech
on a night
see the dawn

The Good News

This recent stalemate

I can't listen to it now

roll out

The Good News


not word moans

a certain lack

what sounds like

retreating down lines

is not occurring

in ear

The central problem
is divided,

as hosts
discover themselves
within beings of liberation

long duality
is to be like likeness is
to this contribution

an instrument
for critical discovery
of the other ear

The Hidden Hand

in search of appearance

the hidden hand is found

in vulgar display

the business of grief

yokes art to familiar service

sweeps behind its own hex blizzard

failing all over imaginations

The Last Friend

the last friend

living ground

again begins to apologise



face again

begin offering source

move this time

then marries again

begins to apologise

next time

holds the offering

source again begins

living ground

offers a hand

last friend

its mine

The Long Wait

forget memory and me

we want to be purged

we have everything we need

we have no cross
no thoughts between ourselves
we have no loss

we won't reflect

we want to be purged

we know it will take forever

we know it will take forever

forget mimicry and me

forget dignity and me

we have everything we need

we know it will take forever

forget memory and me

forget the long wait

The Subject

i have always been right

will never be right

a matter of faith and tense

and of true life

extinguishing contempt

through forgiveness

put out those small and distracting fires

sovereign is the subject

you make the adjective a noun

for examples see above

The Word is an Ugly Bribe

Talk about the money of love

It's all coming to you in prison/language

Count it in jail

Hurt it in spite

Feel the pride

Do the time

It does you

A service

A dis

The word is an ugly bribe

To State

We praise our messengers and their followers in life.

we kiss the adverts

what resolution

what law forms in court

keeping each part disparate

soaking in the breaks

I am a judge

and I respect the judges

I keep them from snapping shut

preserve their thoughts

from the thought

maintain some in silence

so breath can span open

I invite the tendons and their gaps

to be hanging out on nails

knuckle image to the word/wrists

Let us understand something

interminable and original

inherently, you are a citizen

and every citizen has to come before the law

and that law knows more than you do

that it speaks for Himself

Last friend

Living ground

We've got the power

to get down before the word/march

to read it forwards
left, right.

to chuck that thug foetus in the drink

We've got the power

to kill It

the future

Love is God

that's what we've got


We've got the power to rot

as Kids of Choice

Buried at the Crossroads



in no other
empowered by,
shamed before,
perceived as and before

to be asked

am is, and, as is happened after,
great breath returned in want.



Force-fed gaps of on and off.

to be told



and often on, and off
to imagine
gone again, to be gone.


to beg one, and off.

again against one
and on

and off of off and on and off of and on

and Wait

on off


on off

What happens when I stop

what happens when i stop

when i stop it moves

it moves by doing nothing

it moves when i happen

when i happen to say

to say nothing means

nothing means i stop

when i stop it moves

it moves anywhere

anywhere it moves

it moves there when i stop

when i stop anywhere

it moves there

I fail to move


it moves there

when i stop

I stops


Whatever will, will.

Alliance will will not the loyal, will not the cause.

Will, dead of promise, suffer.

Whatever you will, will.

Will you, beneath zero obligation, form.

Resist duress' aimless lean,

Disregard zero, duty.

Will you, always, in company, abrogate an of, or of other:

of will never,

of always,


Will those

will who

be willing not to doubt

wanton consonance
drying in
slaves with the cold
dissimulate thin kindness
glad results

You don't have words anymore

You don't have words any more

But the again, you do

You've got words anymore

The difference being that now they've got you too