Friday, 9 May 2008

You Vomit Blood~;+===

... .omit .....

.. this day

you think

... end [=}] certainly
right now of things
headin to the posting to
post office to do the post office..

.ou ....t .....

.. .... ...

.ou t....

... ... [=}]

..sync on
non war paralysis
out repeating found repeating
got mymy receipts got mymy dinners digested..




you [= ]

..yle of a person
open gut bed in sew
grow without the knowing
hostage in the cavity of the body..

[ ]

for this whole term I would ask as I
pay all my bills to make ends meet
that you can help me
and look forward
to hearing from
you to allow
me to pay
my response to
all charges for this
small change in method of mymy (temporary)
difficulty in writing for memy first letter to reduce the charge for this



ruin of a milk factory