Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sdrawkcab Dear

To read the other work

maintain my own authorship

enabling the only story which happens when I tell myself about void

nothing and noone informs it

their stories sometimes flick the switch
sometimes the switch goes on alone
at others there was and is never a switch
which is no longer and has never been a word
same with the void word void in fact
and in this I include fact exploded

that fiction demands my investment

pick up a block

open it

read words, on a page

it is in this change

that fiction has no right

it walks right round the corner

dick hanging out

oblivious to the fact revisited

it has no more distinction or difference than say nothing

i write the books of others as i read them

erasing and replacing until they never existed and I am alone in ultimate worth

Monday, 22 October 2007


Obsession is guarding the thought

because it is impossible

there are spies everywhere

within the certain lack

revisiting work

their wisdom, ever sicker

stands over the river

and sees itself

their option, illusion and curse

is paid to dissolve and distress the aspect

I like to watch my shit disappear

round the U-bend

to see out the end of the plan

eyes closed to the source

I fill my nostrils

with disappearance

with no full length mirror

no reasoned clarity

no apprehension of substance

no subraction

no words

no weathering, patronising, bagging, hugging, wanking the storm

no penalty

no advocacy

no frame

check my account

and know these words are in