Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Dd So

a copy of organs

ingested with bread

what deepening it

the assembled world

pronounced by it


for this

power back

proof loves degrading

but doesn't appear to

how how


the heart have become the heart

do become

there in self


recordings living

turn - pull the data

seperate touch from this

seperate word from how

the secret place

where out

toothless hole

shifts mush

Monday, 1 September 2008


co silent







hardening mirror

where everything is removed

there remains


staging time

Saturday, 12 July 2008

You Fixed

overfaced male hairstyle labyrinth

vertigo_towering over spinal duplicate





fixed overfaced feedback

not fixed overfaced

between shots


between total necessities

thus overfaced/fixed


self spring void

inside flesh

tick ring

dead square

leather knee

in stalled reverse

inside an occupied

patent self

Friday, 9 May 2008

You Vomit Blood~;+===

... .omit .....

.. this day

you think

... end [=}]

..am certainly
right now of things
headin to the posting to
post office to do the post office..

.ou ....t .....

.. .... ...

.ou t....

... ... [=}]

..sync on
non war paralysis
out repeating found repeating
got mymy receipts got mymy dinners digested..




you [= ]

..yle of a person
open gut bed in sew
grow without the knowing
hostage in the cavity of the body..

[ ]

for this whole term I would ask as I
pay all my bills to make ends meet
that you can help me
and look forward
to hearing from
you to allow
me to pay
my response to
all charges for this
small change in method of mymy (temporary)
difficulty in writing for memy first letter to reduce the charge for this



ruin of a milk factory

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


the following

say^core forever

is only visiting these words

who know each other

but have never been close

to comfort them

because was told
by mutual sign
that speak
in pain

alive alone

no friends

side of the hill

whose dead relatives

grew too fat




once they
abandoned their place
it offered shelter
to signs that have
in the past come
to aid not utter
that said

is only visiting these words

with this

don't give

only visit these words

who know each other

but have never been close

because was told

by mutual sign

say^core waits

for a new wreath

around the mouth

Friday, 22 February 2008

National Exhibition

I have directly lived

but for get

just like you like you like me to.

forget our me.mor.ies of recovery..

ou.r whole s.top..

unf am i liar me..m or y..

i s wh ..at gl. .u..es u. s to get .her.

to un. st i ck/.mi st a..ke c/u/t o\. u |t t he fa.ce.

fee..d an d cult.iv.a te nu.r tu.re...rejection..

the object is dead

and said itself

now is ch..e..we.d/gro..u..nd too..th lessness


..w.hat g.o..od .is. .w.hat i.s good appears..

..is sa..y th.e s.am....e mis.ta..k..e

..th..e.re .is .no .thing si.gn.if.i.e.d

..u nk.n....w..a.ble d.e b.ts

w.i.ll d.i. e i.. n I s. e.r v ..ic e

..ne .ar th... c..nt. re o.f t..h e wor .ld

..se p....ra ti on se.le d

..ab s. .nc e___ c l..ne d

..glass, lens, pen

..ea c. h fat ..her ..th e.ir gr .ve

..as p ..lne.s fl...........y the li ne..

.c..rs d..ri.........ve the li ne..

hn..ds dr ..a............w the li ne

pr e.s ou t th.e..r m .ote..

th ei food..

th .e..r wo r th..

th. ir N.a. t.. . .o .n .a.l E.x.h . .. .b ..t. .o. n..

r. ou n.d ...de..d is tr.i..bu t..i.on ..

pre. se n. t t. he p r e se. nc e of .th e ..p as t i.n th .e pre. sent..

a s th e pr e .. sence o.f t h.e pr ..es. ent..

i n t .he p. ast..

i t i..s possi.ble..

to put tha.t ti....me to sle....| | ......ep..

to m ak.e t h .at n..o s.uc h th.in. g..

as op port un it y

Friday, 25 January 2008


when my mouthes talk

it is the history of western cinema which talks

when my legs walk

it is the history of western cinema which walks

when my heart beats

i miss it

its dead shell

whose cracks

may only be signified *

when my cocks fuck

the history of western cinema is fucking

when my hands work

the history of western cinema is working

when my mind prays

i loathe it

when my mind loathes

i am praying