Sunday, 25 November 2007

I Walk to Sleep

this is a non story that some editor(s) tried to 'get technical' with -

insert stock redemption fee package trademark at points

just read through this first part

-crossed out- group was accidental

what about

this world is coming to - name of locality

it takes a long run up (line break)

to gifts for another level

this is the part where + opens the fridge

this is the part where

- warms up

one by one each character finds themselves arriving at
you're beautiful its true

wherever they go

+ takes up his foods to the grave

better holding the moving handrail on the way out..

here__ should be the actual name of The Property Package
better done than before

thus - returns complacently to urban central

+ (alone, corrects himself)

'a whats left
just the limb bag
(breath) leg has its idea
its idea yet said
which must have said no
when the leg shivers
and says non signs like
each an imbalance
and a will matter
linked to the sovereign [work]
the sense in which
when 'i' do 'my' best
the search is off -
i walk to sleep'

Friday, 9 November 2007

Critic The

I am I = vocalist

go projecting as gore kisser

state tastes its own sociolect

spoke clear of even the gold breakages

moment loss for the never apparent

all revisits never advertising vacancy

consistent illiterate welcomings

cold eggs as a bought metaphor

hung and drawn by calligraphist gorilla

patiently awaiting till signature

equals equals the rich work

and victory to the critic