Friday, 22 February 2008

National Exhibition

I have directly lived

but for get

just like you like you like me to.

forget our me.mor.ies of recovery..

ou.r whole

unf am i liar me..m or y..

i s wh gl. u. s to get .her.

to un. st i ck/.mi st c/u/t o\. u |t t he fa.ce.

fee..d an d cult.iv.a te nu.r

the object is dead

and said itself

now is ch..e..we.d/gro..u..nd lessness


..w.hat g.o..od .is. .w.hat i.s good appears.. sa..y th.e mis.ta..k..e .is .no .thing

..u nk.n....w..a.ble d.e b.ts

w.i.ll d.i. e i.. n I s. e.r v ..ic e .ar th... c..nt. re o.f t..h e wor .ld p....ra ti on se.le d

..ab s. .nc e___ c d, lens, pen

..ea c. h fat ..her gr .ve p ..lne.s fl...........y the li ne.. the li ne..

hn..ds dr ..a............w the li ne

pr e.s ou t th.e..r m .ote..

th ei food..

th .e..r wo r th..

th. ir N.a. t.. . .o .n .a.l E.x.h . .. .b ..t. .o. n..

r. ou n.d is tr.i..bu t..i.on ..

pre. se n. t t. he p r e se. nc e of .th e ..p as t i.n th .e pre. sent..

a s th e pr e .. sence o.f t h.e pr ent..

i n t .he p. ast..

i t i..s possi.ble..

to put tha.t to sle....| | ......ep..

to m ak.e t h .at n..o s.uc h g..

as op port un it y